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December 30, 2021

Langtang valley lies in between the Himalayas north of Kathmandu valley. The valley has been a popular tourist destination for more than 4 decades. More than 20,000 tourists used to trek into the Langtang valley every year before the COVID 19 pandemic. The earthquake of 2015 demolished many tea houses in the region. Due to the earthquake and heavy impact made by tourism activities, the region is getting deteriorated day by day. In an effort to protect, preserve and promote the Langtang valley, Save The Himalayas in association with Ktmguide, Mount Adventure Holidays, and different organizations are conducting a cleaning campaign in the Langtang valley during May 2022. The main objectives of the cleaning campaigns are:

1. Collect non-degradable waste along the trekking trail of the Langtang valley 2. Dump the non-usable solid waste in the Sisdol landfill site in Kakani, Nuwakot 3. Handover the recyclable waste to local recyclers in Kathmandu

4. Run an awareness program about pollution and climate change in the Langtang valley 5. Empower local people to make handmade recycle bins and place them in the trekking trail

6. Empower local people to make use of clean energy like electricity and impact less on the surrounding environment

To meet the above objectives Save The Himalayas foundation has formed a team of 7 volunteers from Kathmandu. The organization also has allocated funds of USD 1000 for the campaign. The organization is looking for more funds and volunteers to make this campaign successful. If you are interested in participating or funding this project, please contact the


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